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Dull Day, Irritation

What have I been doing all day? Minecraft. Da Hubby has a 24 hour shift at work, so I'm at home playing Minecraft. Best way to waste a day, if you ask me.
Next up on my list of things to do, be social *dun dun DUN*. Rather, be social and go grocery shopping. I'd rather stick a sewing needle under my fingernail than go shopping at any time, but my friend just got out of the hospital and she wants to do something, ANYTHING, that doesn't involve a bed. So, being the sweet, nice person I am, I agreed to go. Not like I don't need food in the house, considering all I've got is half a bag of lettuce, a cup of milk and some potatoes that are eyeing me back. 
Speaking of ocular irritants, my right eye is driving me nuts. This has been happening on and off for the past year or so, and it ticks me off every time it happens. The first noticeable point, when I realize what is happening, the skin around my eye gets itchy. Like using sandpaper to scratch my face itchy. Then the eyelid swells. I've been told it looks like I got punched in the face, but it doesn't hurt at all. It just itches more. With the swelling comes a deluge of tears leaking out, not to mention that I have the worst time trying to see out of that side of my face. Then the swelling disappears and my skin is dry and (surprise, surprise) itchy for a few more days. Then it's over. 
Note, it only happens on my right side. Only when my bangs are long enough to touch the skin there (but never reacts this way if my hair touches it any other way). Over the counter allergy meds do absolutely nothing to/for my problem. My doctor recommended washing my bangs with a dandruff shampoo and letting the suds run over my eyes, but that does nothing, either. 
Anyone have a clue what this might be? I'm not worried about it, just irritated and I want to know how to make it go away.

A Bit About Me

I'm Veriduin, though you may call me Veri. Not my real name, but I respond when called and that is the important thing. I have many hobbies that sexist people consider 'girly'. I've been told by other women that I shouldn't knit or sew or cook because that's a sexist stereotype. Personally, I consider comments like that to be more sexist. I like what I like, and there is nothing stereotypical about it in modern society. 
I am not some butt-kicking ball-buster babe. I'm not some pinup girl. I'm not sexy. I am me. 
As for my likes and dislikes, I have quite a few. I love crocheting, reading, writing, cats, and attempting to draw. I like knitting, spinning yarn, sewing, cleaning, learning new (and ultimately useless) skills, playing video games, computers (though they don't like me much), and many more things. 
I dislike phones, mean people, bitter coffee, sexism/raceism (and judging people by such), romance movies, modern comedy (what is funny about babies barfing into someone's open mouth?), and most rap.
I prefer to stay at home, where my own personal phobias and neurosis don't affect anyone else. People tend to get offended if I won't/don't hang out every day, or refuse to call/answer the phone. Sooo, I stay inside.

I am married. I love my husband. To me, there are people (a nebulous, neuter identity) and one male. My husband. If I am friends with someone, I have no concept of personal space. Any friend of mine, I would walk up and grope for a laugh. If you aren't a friend, though, I have very large personal boundaries. 
I have two pet cats, one little sister (who is a grown woman, but will always be my baby sister), a mother, and one living set of grandparents. My father died back in August of last year. It's been hard on me. I was always a daddy's girl. 

Anything else you want to know, you'll just have to wait and find out. I tend to be a bit gregarious online. I'll spill my secrets to you, perfect strangers, never knowing if one day I'll see you on the street.
My mood: a bit gloomy

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