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I'm Veriduin, though you may call me Veri. Not my real name, but I respond when called and that is the important thing. I have many hobbies that sexist people consider 'girly'. I've been told by other women that I shouldn't knit or sew or cook because that's a sexist stereotype. Personally, I consider comments like that to be more sexist. I like what I like, and there is nothing stereotypical about it in modern society. 
I am not some butt-kicking ball-buster babe. I'm not some pinup girl. I'm not sexy. I am me. 
As for my likes and dislikes, I have quite a few. I love crocheting, reading, writing, cats, and attempting to draw. I like knitting, spinning yarn, sewing, cleaning, learning new (and ultimately useless) skills, playing video games, computers (though they don't like me much), and many more things. 
I dislike phones, mean people, bitter coffee, sexism/raceism (and judging people by such), romance movies, modern comedy (what is funny about babies barfing into someone's open mouth?), and most rap.
I prefer to stay at home, where my own personal phobias and neurosis don't affect anyone else. People tend to get offended if I won't/don't hang out every day, or refuse to call/answer the phone. Sooo, I stay inside.

I am married. I love my husband. To me, there are people (a nebulous, neuter identity) and one male. My husband. If I am friends with someone, I have no concept of personal space. Any friend of mine, I would walk up and grope for a laugh. If you aren't a friend, though, I have very large personal boundaries. 
I have two pet cats, one little sister (who is a grown woman, but will always be my baby sister), a mother, and one living set of grandparents. My father died back in August of last year. It's been hard on me. I was always a daddy's girl. 

Anything else you want to know, you'll just have to wait and find out. I tend to be a bit gregarious online. I'll spill my secrets to you, perfect strangers, never knowing if one day I'll see you on the street.
My mood: a bit gloomy

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